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In “Alazanes” we work so that our clients receive the new members of the family in the way they thought it, concerns to the sanitary thing as to the character and quality. We overturn all our effort to improve day by day.

All our puppies are in strict weekly and monthly veterinary controls. They receive a parasitic control and vaccination plan, being stricter tan in our beginning 2 years ago with the upbringing for export, and opening international business as USA, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, having references in all them for new clients.

For this reason and, for having the mothers in permanent control, the puppies receive an antiparasitic plan with 3 doses until the 50 days of age where they assimilate their first vaccine.

After the 65 days of having vaccinated will be able to leave to their new homes with the high defenses, to make front to the sanitary plan that each professional offers him. About the puppies character, although we have a great hatchery, we live in the place of the same one, and that implies that we are in permanent contact with them. This makes that the puppies and s are raised in a family atmosphere, outdoors, and with the whole affection that our family offers him; with the quality, sanity and sweetness of their new mascots.

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