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About Us

After we lost our puppy, through the year 1980, my father adopted our first English Cocker Spaniel being the first race which we have dedicated our best and love.

We had about over 75 units with dogs of the best kennels (Del Monte, Roberto del Puerto), with a few champions obtaining record of sales in all local pets expo in which we have been like Fericota and Cachogos.

At the present time, 25 years later with 33 years old, I’m in charge of managing sales and exportation of Kennel Alazanes counting with unconditional support of my father in the raising of Yorkshire Terrier, Maltes, Bichon Frise and Caniche Toy.

So many years and so many studies (Genetic, Parasitology, Standard of the Race and Canine Behavior), and a large experience in puppies raising, I can tell that our kennel is different counting with over 130 adults. We care not only about a better performance of them, but to obtain the best conduct about our puppies (by the love that we give to them) being permanently in touch with the family.



Gastón Thourte.
In memory of Miss Lindvay (Kennel Del Monte). An example of human been, raise and dedication.

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